The Amber server system is a revolutionary thin client/server system.
Amber uses a small (150k) thin client which is started in the browser using a Java applet. This client connects to the Java based Amber server which holds all the business logic and application code and controls the client.

This system allows unlimited application style interfaces to backend applications. Using the Amber system users can finally have the application interfaces they deserve while maintaining all the advantages of web technologies.

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Replaces HTML as the user interface in an Internet or Intranet Application.

Provides rich user interface elements, surpassing those provided by HTML.
Plugs into J2EE, replacing JSP as the presentation mechanism.
The Amber Server handles all the processing & logic. The browser only handles the display of the user interface.
Download to the browser is constant regardless of the size of your application.
100% Java. Supports all Java extensions. Cross-platform, multithreaded and scalable.
Cross-platform on both client and server. Write once, run anywhere.
Easy to learn for an intermediate-level programmer. Mimics the standard Java AWT.
Ships with Elektron, a User Interface design tool written in Amber, for Amber. Compatible with your existing Java tools.
Extensible with your own user-interface components.


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