Amber JSP Sun Web Start Generic Windows Application Citrix
GUI functionality on client Interactive controls (AWT) Static controls Interactive Controls (Swing) Interactive controls Interactive controls
Dynamic content Live client-server interaction Server-generated Write-your-own server interaction Live client-server interaction Live client-server interaction
Size of download to client Light download of front-end only NA Entire Application is downloaded No download Client installed separately
Ease of maintenance Server-based Server-based Server-based Server and client maintenance Server-based
Ease of deployment to client Transparent Server-based Requires Web Start to be installed on client desktop Separate install required Server-based
Support for Enterprise standards J2EE compatible J2EE compliant J2EE compliant Proprietary Proprietary
Scalability Excellent Excellent Implementation-dependent Implementation-dependent Poor
Development tool support Standard Java supplemented by Amber tools Standard JSP supplemented by J2EE tools Standard Java Proprietary Proprietary
Platform independance Independant Independant Independant Windows only Windows only
Bandwidth Requirements Light-Medium Light Light-Medium Implementation-dependent Medium-Heavy
Ease of development Easy Easy-moderate Easy Difficult Easy-moderate


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